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Balance Boards for KIDS!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Perfect gift for boys and girls from 4 years old (with adult supervision) as it helps them learn to balance, standing, sitting, rocking back and forth. Excellent for developing physical strength, body control, and stimulating concentration, coordination, gross motor skills, and imagination.

When we think about buying something for our little ones, it is always important to assess the benefits it will have for their development.

In this case, the Mr. Monkey Balance Board is a true center for child development, although it is presented as a sports accessory accessory for athletes, it is also an extremely fun device for all its users.

Balance: balance games for children are ideal to support their growth and the balance board provides this experience thanks to the rocking mechanism. Muscle development: thanks to the fact that the Mr. Monkey Balnace Board has an appropriate weight for their physical structure, they will be able to move it themselves by training the muscles of the upper extremities. Creativity: children will be able to give the balance board any type of function, one day it could become an incredible track for toy cars and, the next day, an ideal swing for super heroes. Stretching: when children lie on the Mr. Monkey Balance Boards, either on their back or on their stomach, there is a mandatory stretch of their muscles. If all this had not occurred to you just by seeing only a piece of colorful wood with a cylinder, you have not been the only one. The good thing is that you came here and we are happy to support you in everything you need so that your children develop properly.

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