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The Balance Board is an equipment that consists of two main parts, a deck or table and a roll. This complement is used to perform a simple but powerful exercise with the use of a skill that we underestimate and possess since childhood and that can be further polished to apply it to many other disciplines. It takes a short time to master the basic exercises on a balance board and once you have learned to use it, you will see the strength and stability of your ankles improve with which you will experience a substantial improvement in balance and coordination. You will see!!


We usually take balance for granted, that powerful control ability that keeps us on our feet, we forget that all our movements depend on effectively maintaining balance by coordinating each step and jump in our daily lives. This is where you can take advantage of a balance board to apply it to other sports you practice such as skateboarding, surfing, skimboarding and many other board sports. Oh! do not practice any other board sport? The benefits go further, working the finest fibers in your legs is automatic since they are in charge of the task of balance. Besides that all new activity forces your brain to create new neurological networks, it is not for less that they are also used for physical therapies. In short, the benefits are several but the biggest is how fun they are above all.

In summary, preventing both ends of the board from touching the ground is the goal and the challenge, and the difficulty limit on the Monkey Balance Boards is up to you. Use your imagination to create your own tricks and maneuvers.

Arriba Deck o Tabla sobre un Roll o rodillo

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